The Dragon Chef

(540) 829 - 6618 / 6628  (315 South Gate Shopping Center, Culpeper, VA)

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Dragon Chef is the finest Sushi, Chinese, Japanese and Tappinyki restaurant in Central Virginia.

Located in the small town of Culpeper VA, the selection of fresh fish and beef is unprecedented. Owner and Head Chef George takes his food and restaurant very seriously. To him, food is not just what you eat everyday, but a passion to want to keep it interesting and your taste buds tingling with every meal. He makes sure you remember the visit to Dragon Chef and that you will return. Blends of foreign seasoning and the freshest ingredients lock in this way of thinking. You will remember your Sushi. Presentation and staff professionalism really round up the experience.

There is a reason we receive 5 stars on the major food review sites. But don't believe them, come and see for yourself.

Please visit us and sit down for a meal. You will not be disappointed!

Client Reviews

This is the best Sushi I have had since I came back from San Francisco, and its in the middle of the country! Amazing!
- J. Christian (San Francisco, CA)

We came here with our family to have a nice dinner. I wasn't expecting much in Culpeper VA but I was wrong! We started the evening by being greeted by George (the head chef and owner) rarely do you have the owner of the restaurant greet and seat you. Since we had a party of 8, we decided to eat at the Hibachi table. The chef came out and put on a great show with lots of fire and knife flipping. The food was outstanding and had the filet that is awesome right off the grill n front of you. My husband had some of the sushi and he said it melted in his mouth. Needless to say I would highly recommend this restaurant and can't wait to come back to Culpeper!
- R. Pastoni (Clearwater, FL)

I eat here as much as humanly possible. I lived in Japan for 4 years and Georges' sushi matches the level that the Japanese Sushi Bars would serve. I am a personal friend of George and I can attest to his pickeyness over fresh fish and meats. If it is not up to par he will throw out the whole refrigerator full, I have seen it! The staff is courteous and wonderful also. remember to ask George for the freshest fish of the day when you want sushi. Enjoy!
- V. Palumbo (Orange VA)

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